Harley Davidson Wedding BandWhat’s a Harley wedding without Harley-Davidson® Wedding Rings?

Syd Curtis Designs has been designing officially registered products for Harley-Davidson® since 2000 and makes high quality jewelry. They design each piece of jewelry as small pieces of artwork and use 14 karat gold and bright white diamonds. You can view all their Harley Wedding® Rings at Syd Curtis Designs.

Harley-Davidson® wedding rings can also be purchased or ordered at your local Harley-Davidson® dealer. Stop in to see what they have available or you can view Harley wedding rings at Adventure Harley-Davidson®.

Sometimes, wedding rings are bought and for one reason or another, they are never worn by their intended biker bride or groom. As unfortunate as it is for the couple, take advantage of their need to get rid of the rings. You’ll actually be doing them a favor and just might help them heal their wounds. Check classified ads, ask on your favorite motorcycle forums, or buy your