He wants leather, a Justice Of The Peace and the dust behind you!

Because riding motorcycles is your passion. You choose your clothes by how much flapping they do in the wind and either you have had, or seriously thought about having a motorcycle in your living room. 

Riding motorcycles is a lifestyle for most of you visiting this website or else you wouldn’t be here. Life is all about sharing what we love with those that we love. That’s why we have wedding ceremonies. To share our love with those we love. 

There’s a saying, “I’d rather be riding my motorcycle thinking about God, than sitting in church thinking about my motorcycle.” If you don’t have a biker wedding, how many of your guests are going to be thinking, “I’d rather be riding my motorcycle than sitting in this church…” If it’s not raining, probably most of them. 

Chances are he suggested the biker wedding idea. She wants the fairy tale wedding. So what do you do? Give give him what he wants, add her touches and you’ll have a beautiful, tailored-for-you wedding, that everyone will remember. Guys have enough trouble getting excited about the details of a wedding. Make things easier on both of you, have a biker wedding and he’ll be much more willing to participate in the planning. 

So why should you have a biker wedding? Because your mom told you to stay away from people like that!