Trying to find the perfect wedding color scheme? If so, here are some fabulous ideas to inspire you wedding them and color combo. Simply pick your colors by season, mood or theme!

Romantic Wedding Color Ideas

Romantic colors are not always light and soft as you can see from the samples below. You can feel free to mix deep rich browns with creams and beige, alternately you may choose to mix gentle greens with passionate reds.

• Dusty Pink and greens: A romantic wedding color that is soft and gentle, yet refreshing. This would be lovely for a spring wedding!

• A rich red with a soft green: This is nice way to soften up red, without losing it’s bold appeal. This would be great for a spring, summer or fall wedding!

• White and Cream combination: Can’t go wrong with this color – regardless of season, this is a lovely romantic wedding color.

Unique and Nontraditional Wedding Color Ideas

Are you are searching for something a little less traditional and more upbeat? You have endless options if you are, for instance you can create an energetic atmosphere with the use of strong colors such as greens and yellows. Alternatively, you may want to make use of the unique softer tones of reds, grays and turquoise.

• Blue and Red: Depending on the shade of blue and red, this is a lovely and unique color for summer or fall weddings.

• Green and Red, with Brown: Brown is a hop color these days, but, it’s pretty unique to pair with green and red. Use a refreshing lime green to give it a lively, nontraditional feeling.

• Pink and Orange: Need I say more – totally unique, totally nontraditional!

• Blue and Orange: This is another unique color combo depending on the shade of blue and orange that you use. Give it a more gentle and romantic feeling by mixing it with off-white.

• Yellow and Green: Want a fun, upbeat wedding. This would be a great color combo for a spring or summer wedding!

Latest Trends in Ideas for Wedding Colors

There are some wonderful ideas emerging as the latest trends. Silver and yellow is one of my most favorite! Imagine wearing a stunning silk silver wedding dress, while your bridesmaids are all dressed up in sassy fun yellow dresses! Other great trends include:

• Tiffany Blue: In combination with white this a refreshing and lively color for spring and summer weddings.

• Pink and Brown: This is a great combo if you’re looking to add a playful spin to your fall wedding?

• Blue and Brown: In combination with various shades of blue and white this is a really lovely, refreshing color for summer or fall.

• Silver and Yellow: This color is totally on the cusp for trendy color combos! It’s a great color combo regardless of season.

Dramatic Wedding Colors

If you are searching for a strongly rich, sassy exotic and dramatic wedding color scheme, you may want to consider the impressive choices of red and black.

If you want something fun and dramatic, consider the use of hot pink or even hot pink and orange, and then you have a winning combo! Other choices for great dramatic color combos include:

• Red and Black: This is a great color combo for winter or fall.

• White and Black: You can use the Lily as part of your theme to keep this theme romantic and unique.

• Orange and Light Green: orange is a dramatic color regardless of setting – mix it with a light green for softness and depth.

Destination Weddings

When most people plan destination wedding themes and colors they generally choose blues, however, you can use many wonderful colors! Allow your inspiration to be lead by nature, for instance, you may choose from colors of the sky, sand, water and waves. The mixtures of beige and blues are wonderfully soothing, while green combos are an exciting and exotic color choice as well.

• Shades of Blue: This is a simple and lovely color for a wedding on the beach

• Shades of Green: People often resort to blue when planning a beach wedding. Be unique and focus on the surrounding flora to inspire your theme!

• Blue and Sandy Brown: Combine beachy blues with the color of the sand for a soothing theme.

• Blue, Cream and Green: Add a little cream and green to your blue beach theme, for a refreshing playful theme.

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