Hand’s down, in our 12 year relationship, Mark is the romantic. He keeps all the cards that he gets and little notes that I have written to him. He can tell you to the minute how long we have been together. He brings me Rolos and Caramellos. (mmm!)

I’m lucky to remember our anniversary! A card lovin’ kinda girl I am not, and I could care less if he gets me one, but don’t you know he always finds the most perfect ones. You know, the ones that seem like it was written just for us. Anniversay and valentine’s cards, he snatches them up and puts them in his treasure box before I get a chance to throw them away!

On one of our first dates, he picked up a few small stones from a business’s landscaping and kept them in the pocket of his leather jacket for 11-1/2 years! He would pull them out every once in awhile, show them to me and say, “Remember these?” with a big smile. It’s amazing how something so small and ordinary can pull up emotions that you had forgotten about. He lost his jacket or I’m sure I still be seeing those stones.

He showers me with hugs and kisses while we are out somewhere, just so people will see him loving on me. He’s proud of it and he knows that sharing love, makes others smile.

So who’s the romantic in your relationship and how do they show it?