You may have chosen to be a bit formal with your motorcycle wedding and thats ok!  Since the guys will be wearing tuxedo’s, they will most likely need cufflinks.  Rentals almost always include them but there is no reason that you have to use the ones that are provided.

Like all jewelry, motorcycle cufflinks vary greatly in price.  Naturally, the metal they are made of is what runs the price up.  Motorcycle cufflinks made of pewter will be the least expensive and will also show the least amount of details of the motorcycle.  Motorcycle cufflinks made of silver or gold will be the most expensive but will also show the most detail.

If you are sure that the guys will never wear the motorcycle cufflinks again, by all means go ahead and purchase the lower end ones.  If your guy regularly dresses full tilt, buy the good ones made of silver or gold.  You will never be sorry that you own nice quality jewelry.

Prices for motorcycle cufflinks range from $25.00 for Harley Davidson® logo cufflinks up to over $200.00 for silver or gold motorcycles.

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