Top your cake the biker way!

motorcycle-cake-topper-red1This page will tell you where to buy motorcycle cake toppers, what you might expect to pay, what your options are, where to buy motorcycle wedding cake toppers and let you know you can easily make your own motorcycle wedding cake topper.

Let’s start with style and price of motorcycle cake toppers.
There are frilly, lacy Harley-Davidson® cake toppers that do not include a bride and groom, there are small glass motorcycles that you can easily place on an exisiting topper and there are some that are a combination of both.

Some of these toppers are very nice, with a price that can be over a hundred US dollars. The type of motorcycle used is usually what runs the price up. Additionally, the bride and groom figurine can play an important factor in price. Expect to pay close to $50.00 for a nice motorcycle cake topper.

There’s a few motorcycle wedding cake toppers that are pretty cheezy. They can be cheaply made with all plastic parts and very little embellishment. These type of toppers will be in the lower end of the price range, around $20.00.

Make Your Own Motorcycle Cake Topper

You can make your own motorcycle wedding cake topper! No matter how craft challenged you think you are, it is possible for you to make your own motorcycle wedding cake topper.

It might take a couple of hours to put it together after you have gathered your supplies, but your efforts will be rewarded in the end. If you have more time than money, you’ll want to give this a try.

You’ll be proud of your accomplishment and the guests at your biker wedding will be impressed!

Get Away Motorcycle Cake Topper

Get Away Motorcycle Cake Topper

Get Away Motorcycle Cake Topper

A romantic getaway on two wheels! This whimsically styled topper has great details like a miniature “Just Married” license plate, and real paper pom pom tied to the rear fender.

Each piece is made of hand painted porcelain bisque and measures 5″ tall with a 5.75″ base. The paint colors are available only as shown, custom colors are not available.

Buy now in our Motorcycle Wedding Store or Wedding Mountain or That’s My Topper

precious moments motorcycle

Our Love Goes The Distance

Precious Moments® “Our Love Goes The Distance”

Made of bisque porcelain and 7″ high, these cute little bikers would look adorable atop your wedding cake.

This figurine runs around $100.00 but you can feel confidant that you are buying a quality product. Precious Moments® figurines hold their value very well and are treasured by many collectors.

This item qualifies for Precious Moments PMPAYL8R plan (multiple payments).

Purchase Our Love Goes The Distance directly from Precious Moments.

Precious Moments® Retired Motorcycle Figurines

Over the years Precious Moments® has produced and retired several different figurines on or with motorcycles. The rarity and condition will determine the current price of these collectable beauties. You really can’t go wrong purchasing a Precious Moments figurine as your wedding cake topper. They never seem to go out of style, they hold their value well and if you could ever bring yourself to let go of it, you can sell and get most, if not more, of your money back.

I’ve listed each that I am aware of with a short description. Below those descriptions, I’ve included a box with listings that are currently available on eBay.

Precious Moments® Biker Couple on Motorcycle

Flying High With Your Love

Flying High With Your Love

One figurine of the “Precious Moments Two For The Road” collection by The Hamilton Collection. Take a ride with some adorable couples who love the thrill of the open road just as much as they love each other!

I’m not sure if you can remove the flag, but maybe you could print out a sticker with the bride and grooms name to cover the precious moments logo.

precious moments motorcycle figurine

Precious Moments Motorcycle

Precious Moments® Biker Couple

Love is around the Corner. Come along for a ride with a couple of sweethearts who love the thrill of the open road just as much as they love each other! This collectible motorcycle figurine is sure to roll right into your heart! Decorated with pink hearts and glittering accents.

You could add a small amount of white tulle to the top of her helmet to make this figurine look more like a cake topper. This cute biker figurine is 5-1/4″ wide.

Precious Moments Motorcycle

Precious Moments Motorcycle

Precious Moments® Bon Voyage

Precious Moments® ceased making this adorable biker couple on a motorcycle in 1996. The female biker is wearing a dress and could easily pass as a bride.

This figurine is 6-1/5″ wide, a nice size for a motorcycle cake topper.

Kissing Bikers Cake Topper

Kissing Bikers

Kissing Bikers

These are so adorable! Cute ceramic salt and pepper shakers of two bikers kissing. Would look really cute atop a matching red and black cake.

Purchase from Two Wheel Weddings in the store with an ornament base as a motorcycle cake topper or to save a few dollars, purchase just the S&P Shakers.

If you need to order other misc items, along with the kissing bikers, you might want to take advantage of Amazon’s free shipping for orders over $25.00.

Cut Crystal Motorcycle

Cut Crystal Motorcycle

Cut Crystal Motorcycle

This gorgeous cut crystal motorcycle figurine makes a great gift for any motorcycle fan. From the buckhorn handlebars, to the faceted seat backrest and gas cap, this awesome piece shows incredible detail. It even has a license plate holder. The figurine measures 4 inches tall, 6 1/4 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide.

Purchase Cut Crystal Motorcycle.

Harley Davidson Cake Topper

Harley Davidson Cake Topper

Harley-Davidson® Cake Topper – White

Lots of white lace and flower sprays set off the white Harley-Davidson® motorcycle on this motorcycle cake topper.

Two clear wedding bells and a mini Harley-Davidson® logo plaque hang above with a white organza bow to top it off.

There is a few inches behind the motorcycle to add a bride and groom figurine.

Ride of a Lifetime

There are three different styles in this series. When you click on the image below, you will be taken to a page with more details.


Hog Tied™ Motorcycle Cake Topper and Figurine

HogTied Motorcycle Cake Topper
HogTied Motorcycle Figurine

These two items from the Jamie Lynn Hog Tied™ collection are no longer being manufactured and a source of extra inventory has not been found. The images are being left here as a historical reference. I’m also adding a search box below for you to check eBay on the off chance that one might show up there.