Nothing says elegance more than an ice sculpture at a wedding reception.

By Chef

Motorcycle Ice Sculpture

Motorcycle Ice Sculptures

A motorcycle done in ice will declare your love for riding and add a very unique and classy piece of art to your reception. 

The motorcycle ice sculpture pictured here was carved by Chef Craig McConnel of Images In Ice located in Boston, MA. Be sure to check out his gallery of awesome sculptures for an idea of what can be done with ice. 


Wedding Ice Sculptures

How is an ice sculpture made?

Ice sculptures are carved from a block of ice using tools such as, chainsaws, torches, chisels, and grinders by an artist who has spent years refining his skills. 

What does the sculpture weigh?

At the start, a single block of ice weighs around 300 pounds and usually measures approximately 40″ tall by 20″ wide and 10″ thick. After carving, the finished piece can weigh anywhere from 100 to 200 pounds. You need to keep this weight in mind when choosing where to display the sculpture. 

Motorcycle Ice Scultpure

Motorcycle Ice Scultpure

How long will the sculpture last?

The size of the finished sculpture and room temperature affect the melting rate the most. Fine details will melt away first. A single block sculpture at room temperature should last around 6 hours for display purposes and may take a couple of days to completely melt. Some may be kept cool with dry ice to lengthen display time. 

Where does the water go?

Most ice sculptures are supplied with a drip pan connected to a hose that directs the water to a bucket under the table. 

How can I determine the quality?

A quality ice sculpture will be made with crystal clear ice. Check with the National Ice Carving Association for skilled artisans in the United States. 

How much do they cost?

Price depends greatly on the size and intricity of details. Where you live will also influence the price as well. You should expect to pay a minimum of $500 and up for a double block sculpture. When requesting a quote, be sure to ask specific questions about delivery, installation and who is responsible for tear down.