Are you thinking about planning a Harley Wedding because you own a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle? You are not alone, but you may feel like it.

Every year, brides and grooms incorporate Harley-Davidson® into their weddings in some form or another. They are generally avid riders and at the very least, have a photograph taken in their wedding gear with their motorcycle.

For some of the brides, a Harley wedding theme is not very appealing (it’s usually that loud orange color!), but being the thoughtful fiancé’s that they are, give in to the guys a bit.   After all, it’s their wedding too.

There is one problem though, there are very few wedding products that are specifically made for this theme. Why? My best guess is that the sales volume would not be high enough to cover the cost of licensing by Harley-Davidson®. If you do run across wedding products with the Harley-Davidson® logo on them, they are most likely illegally sold or previously owned.

After years of running this website, I have only found 3, yes, I said 3, wedding items presently sold that are officially licensed by Harley-Davidson®. There is a Harley-Davidson® cake topper,  a Harley-Davidson® bridal bouquet and a Harley-Davidson® Cake Knife Set. They leave a lot to desire by a bride wanting any sort of personalized wedding.

So what is a bride to do when wanting to plan a Harley wedding? Well, you will need to compromise and become very creative.

By compromising, you simply need to re-think your planning towards a motorcycle wedding theme instead of a Harley-Davidson® wedding theme. Your ultimate goal would be to give the “impression” of Harley-Davidson®’s image at your wedding. The appearance of black and orange along with a motorcycle says that easily.

You’re not the creative type you say? Hopefully, this section will help to get your creative juices flowing. You will find many ideas and different ways to incorporate the love of your Harley into your wedding.