You are not alone if you are thinking about a Harley wedding theme. Harley-Davidson® weddings are on the rise each year as brides turn away from more traditional type weddings. Modern biker brides want their weddings and wedding receptions to reflect the lifestyle that they live.

Harley Wedding Color Themes
Naturally, the first thought of color that comes to mind is that of Harley-Davidson’s image, orange and black. Orange and white is also used a lot in their products. With most weddings happening in the spring and summer, many brides don’t envision their wedding with such a bright loud color. In addition to that, orange and black is also very reminiscent of halloween.

Here are some ideas to help you combat the fear of the orange:

  1. Use black as the main color with small touches of orange as highlights.
  2. Using a lot of white as your main color will help to soften the loudness of the orange.
  3. Have a fall wedding and the orange is a perfect fit!
  4. Use different shades of orange throughout your decorating, using lesser amounts of the darkest tones.
  5. Use massive amounts of orange with minimal amounts of back or white. Single colors make a bold statement and can look truly awesome.

Other Color Themes
Wedding accessories sold by Harley-Davidson® dealers do not contain any orange. Because of this, you can easily plan your wedding in any color that you choose.

Black and silver make an excellant color choice, with silver representing chrome. Wedding decorations and accessories will be extremely easy to find in silver.

A red and black color theme is chosen by many biker brides. Black and red wedding invitations are easy to find, and red wedding dresses are outstanding. Nothing will say “Look at me!” all day like a red gown.

Harley-Davidson® Wedding Accessories
Harley-Davidson® only licenses a few select wedding accessories: a bouqet, a cake topper and a cake serving set. There are no officially licensed wedding reception favors. You’ll need to be creative and think outside the box for those.

If you are crafty, you can make accessories using Harley-Davidson® cupcake picks, wallpaper borders, or scrap booking supplies.

Brides wanting a Harley wedding theme are still somewhat rare when compared to other wedding themes and this makes it difficult to find related accessories. If you just re-think a bit and plan more of a motorycle wedding theme instead of focusing on a Harley wedding theme, you will have an easier time finding things for your wedding.