Motorcycle ties are an easy way to add a little touch of your lifestyle to a formal wedding. The guys can wear the tuxedo of your dreams and with a Harley-Davidson® tie, still proudly proclaim the love of their motorcycle.

Even if they are not wearing a tux, you’ll be able to convince them to wear a tie on their wedding day if it screams Harley-Davidson®!

These ties run around $25.00 each and were chosen because they can easily be incorporated into your wedding without being obtrusive. carries over 25 different Harley-Davidson® ties for you to choose from. Right now, you can save 10% off your next purchase at! Use coupon code: DEALTCT

And don’t forget that Harley-Davidson® ties make great Christmas presents!

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HD Drilled Aluminum Plate Tie by Harley Davidson -  Silver Silk

HD Drilled Aluminum Plate Tie by Harley Davidson – Silver Silk

This motorcycle tie is a great choice for a Harley wedding with a black and silver color theme!

100% silk necktie features a drilled aluminum plate with a very small Harley-Davidson® logo textured on a silver background. The logo would not be seen with a vest or jacket on.

HD Eagle in Flames Tie by Harley Davidson -  Black Silk

HD Eagle in Flames Tie by Harley Davidson – Black Silk

Perfect for a formal wedding where the guys are in tuxedos. The Harley-Davidson® logo is covered by their jackets. At the reception when things are more relaxed, the guys can remove their jackets and proudly proclaim they are Harley guys!

Get ready to ride with this fast-moving Harley Davidson necktie. Featuring the Harley logo set in flames against a black background, this necktie is sure to impress any road-warrior. Made in the United States this is a necktie all riders can agree on.

HD Tonal Flame Tie by Harley Davidson – Black Silk

Another great choice for a black and silver wedding color theme!

The small gray logos over a 100% silk black background will look like a pattern from a distance, but up close, guests will see the mini Harley-Davidson® logos.

The larger logo in red and orange can be hidden underneath a jacket or vest.

HD Since 1903 Tie by Harley Davidson – Black Silk

This 100% silk necktie features a vintage Harley motorcycle on a black background and sealed with the notable Harley-Davidson® trademark.

Guys that love their vintage Harley-Davidson® motorcycle will get a kick out of wearing this tie many times after the wedding.

Basic Black Bow Tie

Each Principessa pre-tied bowtie is hand made, fully adjustable, and offers a perfect bow tie knot for an elegant and simple touch of splendor.

The finely woven gridded square pattern of lustrous deep black creates a brilliantly modern design on this 100% silk men’s bowtie.