Ideas For How To Choose A Wedding Cake Topper

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You may already have an idea of what you want on the top of your cake. Even so, this article may spur ideas that you may have not thought of. 

Wedding Cake Toppers

By Nina Romanov

Avoid buying one of those cheap plastic bride and grooms that you can find in discount department stores, and some bakeries. Your topper should be as special as your cake, and reflect your dreams and taste, not those of the baker. 

Use your imagination, there are some really humorous cake toppers available, that you might enjoy. However you may want to think about whether or not it might offend some of the guests on both sides of the family, like grandparents and other older relatives.

There are military, and police cake toppers as well as cartoon characters, teddy bears, animals, sports themed toppers to name just a few, as well as the traditional bride and groom.

Maybe you would like a wedding cake topper to reflect interests that you and the groom share. Do you both love music, dancing, hockey or bowling? You can likely find a topper to recognize that. Did you know, that there are Harley Davidson cake toppers available?

Of course you can get doves, bells, gazebos and hearts to adorn your wedding cake.

Any of these paired with the bride and groom figurine would look wonderful.

Fresh, silk, marzipan or frosting flowers can make a spectacular wedding cake topper, that will have everyone talking about the beautiful cake.

Maybe your Mom and Dad still have their wedding cake topper or perhaps your mother-in-law has her mothers topper. What a special significance either of these toppers would have, if used on your wedding cake.

It is possible to have a cake topper designed to your specific wishes. Marzipan artists can make figurines to resemble the bride and groom, or even a favorite pet. Churches, temples, your home or the car you just bought together, can all be created as a cake topper for your wedding cake. Swavorski Crystal will be offering some truly different but exquisite crystal cake toppers. I can’t wait to see those.

If your wedding will have an overtly religious theme, then please choose your cake topper design, with that theme in mind.

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