Back in the day, corsets were used to slim up a womans waist to give her that “V” look. These garments may or may not have cups, usually lined with steel bones and also help to flatten the tummy. Corsets can reduce the waist up to four inches. In today’s times, corsets are generally worn as outerwear and makes a great fashion statement. Lower end corsets will generally have plastic bones running through them. 

Corsets are a great match for a biker wedding. Pair up a corset with a flouncy skirt, add some thigh-high boots and you’ll have the perfect biker wedding outfit! You’ll not only look great but sexy too! 

If you plan on wearing a corset or even a corset style wedding dress the whole day, I highly recommend wearing one with straps. Even with body tape, you’ll feel like it’s falling down all day and you’ll constantly be tugging at it. You may not notice, but others will.