Look for lambskin for it’s softness and ability to lay against your body.

Biker Leather

Ah, the elusive white wedding leather! If you think “biker leather”, yes it is a bit harder to find. If you are considering wearing white leather be prepared to spend some time searching for it. It’s just not that common and when you do find it, it’s much more expensive than black.


If you find a style in black that you love, ask if the retailer can get it in white. Sometimes they just don’t carry it and might be able to order it for you.

Jamin Leather carries a few white leather halters, shorts and skirts:

Don’t forget to check White Leather on eBay . You can find items new with tags (nwt) and even lightly worn outfits can still look brand new. Just make sure that the listing states any and all flaws or send an email and ask. Be specific when you ask. The sellers idea of excellent condition doesn’t necessarily mean the same as it would to you.

Look for vintage Michael Hoban designs from North Beach White Leather. These are usually short, sleeveless dresses paired with a jacket. Hoban’s designs are highly collectible and will hold their value well.


White Wedding Leather


Dressy Leather

White wedding leather will be slightly easier to find if you concentrate on just white leather instead of biker style leather. 

Looking for non-biker white wedding leather increases your chances a bit, but with that, the styles will run more western and mainstream. One advantage though is that you might be able to wear these pieces years after the ceremony is over.

Search Tips

Check out Rodeo Queen Dresses. If made from white lambskin, one of these dresses could easily pass for a leather wedding dress. 

Shop Early in the Year. White is typically a spring and summer color for the fashion industry. If your wedding is in the summer or fall, start looking for white leather early in the year. You’ll have a much better chance finding different styles still in stock. 

When You Find it, Buy it! White leather sells fast! Check return policies, because you’re better off getting the item and sending it back then being disappointed when the item has sold out. 

Search for Leather Lingerie. Some corsets and bustiers can be worn as outerwear and can be quite striking.