Most brides adorn their head in some way — do it the biker way!

Biker Bride Doo Rag

Biker Bride Doo Rag

When it’s too hot to wear leathers, what says, “I’m a biker” more than a doo rag? Yes, a doo rag is a functional piece of biker clothing: it keeps the bugs and wind out of your hair but it certainly makes it’s own fashion statement.

This page covers a custom made bridal doo rag, buying doo rags on line, and information on making your own biker wedding doo rag.

Made by Sheila of Bride Ideas of Hot Springs

Made by Sheila of Bride Ideas of Hot Springs

This bridal doo rag is gorgeous and definately says, “I’m a biker bride!” It is custom made of satin with lace embellishments on the top. The train is trimmed with a satin ribbon. It’s elbow length is perfect for that flow in the wind, when riding to your biker wedding reception.

You can order from Sheila at Custom Bride of Hot Springs. She has some beautiful wedding gowns that you can order, be sure to check them out on her website.

Buying Doo Rags Online

Attemps to find a white leather doo rag or any plain color other than black online have been fruitless.

I did run across a semi-white snakeskin doo rag – ooo gross, what bride wants to wear snakeskin on her head on her wedding day? Well, maybe someone does or hey, the groom would be sharp in snakeskin. They are available at if you are interested.

You can find some solid color cloth Doo Rags at Amazon.comI saw some really neat ones made of micro suede and velvet there, though I am not sure how well they would stay on while riding.

At one point I did see some cloth doo rags that had bride and groom embroidered on them. Of course, I did not save the address to the website and I cannot locate it now. It shouldn’t be to hard to find someone to do the embroidery for you locally once you have your doo rags. —- Found the link: His N Her Biker Wraps. They also carry a silver glitter wrap.

Make Your Own Biker Wedding Doo Rag

Should you really want white leather or even a satin biker wedding doo rag, you can make your own. McCalls has a pattern available that contain head wraps: #M4116 for adults and #M3193 for children, if you would like your flower girl and ring bearer to wear one.  You should be able to find a faux leather material at any major fabric outlet.

Adding a veil to your biker wedding doo rag should be pretty easy in itself. Just buy some tulle, cut to size and attach. I’m sure you can find sewing patterns for veils at your local sewing or hobby store.

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